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overshadow - Meaning in Punjabi

Definitions and Meaning of overshadow in English overshadow verb. cast a shadow upon Example - The tall tree overshadowed the house; make appear small by comparison Synonyms: dwarf, shadow Example - This year's debt dwarfs that of last year; be greater in significance than Synonyms: dominate, eclipse Example - the tragedy overshadowed the ...

overshadowed meaning in Hindi - overshadowed in Hindi ...

overshadowed. भारी पड़ रही है. translation of 'overshadowed'. verb. छाया में रखना, रक्षा देना,

OVERSHADOWED | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

overshadowed definition: 1. past simple and past participle of overshadow 2. to cause someone or something to seem less…. Learn more.

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How to say overshadowed in Filipino

oversees. overshoe. overshoot. oversight. oversights. oversimplify. oversize. Translate to Filipino. overshadowed.

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English to Punjabi Dictionary - Meaning of Haze in Punjabi is ...

Haze. Punjabi Meaning. ਧੁੰਦਲੇਪਣ. confusion characterized by lack of clarity / atmospheric moisture or dust or smoke that causes reduced visibility / Light vapor or smoke in the air which more or less impedes vision, with little or no dampness / mist or thin cloud / a slight obscuration of the lower atmosphere, typically caused by fine suspended particles. / dust, smoke, or mist that has filled the air so that you cannot see clearly / a state of confusion,

Encapsulate Meaning in Hindi - Shabdkosh

encapsulate. verb. put in a short or concise form; reduce in volume. Synonyms : capsule, capsulise, capsulize Example. - capsulize the news. enclose in a capsule or other small container.

What is the meaning of Ghaint Punjab? - Quora

1: Hadd Haram: meaning lazy bones, used both in Punjabi and Urdu. Urdu: Wo khana pakanay main bara hadd haram hai (He is lazy af when it comes to cooking) Punjabi: Oo bara e hadd haraam aye (He is very lazy) 2: Haram Da: Punjabi Slang for Bastard/Rascal, used informally among friends as well as a serious abuse. In Urdu it would be Harami